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Our Mission

We want to bring safety, trust and convenience to the urban transportation industry.


According to the World Health Organization, by 2030 road accidents will match HIV/AIDS in terms of the number of annual fatalities in low income countries. SafeBoda exists to solve this problem, which most people in African cities face every day.

All our drivers are:

Trained in first aid and road safety

Equipped with hairnets and a spare helmet

Accountable and identifiable

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Tovie@SafeBoda You guys talk to your riders who take up our requests and then fail to call and pick us up. Examples Fred 1141 & Laban 289

Tovie @AllanKabali

Hazel Mwebesa@SafeBoda When are you introducing the option of ordering more than one boda at ago?

Hazel Mwebesa @HMwebesa

Pastor AUSTINE WEREWILL YOU CONTINUE AS THOUGH NOTHING HAS HAPPENED, WAIT AND SEE? #TheTwoWitnesses exit the scene, Galatians 3:1 will……

Pastor AUSTINE WERE @WerePastor

The Ugandan TouristCoincidentally used this guy twice and I’d easily use him again. The experience has been seamless each time. Thanks……

The Ugandan Tourist @AhaJonathan

CDFThe names of @SafeBoda riders just make my day...for this kalango DM me a promo code 😀😎

CDF @SultanKeith