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Our Mission

We want to bring safety, trust and convenience to the urban transportation industry.


According to the World Health Organization, by 2030 road accidents will match HIV/AIDS in terms of the number of annual fatalities in low income countries. SafeBoda exists to solve this problem, which most people in African cities face every day.

All our drivers are:

Trained in first aid and road safety

Equipped with hairnets and a spare helmet

Accountable and identifiable

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John Goslino@conradgoodmanK @SafeBoda Safety guaranteed? In Kampala? No need for insurance then.

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SafeBodaWe're glad you're enjoying the service.…

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CHAPAT ™Once you start using @SafeBoda you may not stop coz it’s just comforting to know your safety is guaranteed... My e……

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CHAPAT ™@HiRolla1 @SafeBoda It’s only Kampala for now

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