What is SafeBoda?

SafeBoda is a community of motorcycle taxi (boda boda) drivers bringing safety, trust and convenience to the industry in Africa. Anyone can easily access a SafeBoda by connecting via the Android mobile application which can be downloaded for free on the Google Playstore

What training do they go through?

Drivers are trained in the code of conduct which has four areas of focus – our commitment to safety, our customers, our community and bike maintenance. On road safety, this includes traffic and road safety rules by the Global Road Safety Partnership and by the Uganda Police. Our formal training also includes certification by the Uganda Red Cross and the Ministry of Health in basic first aid and first response.

How do I get the app?

Download it for free via Google Play (for Android, like your Samsung) and our new app will soon be available at the App Store (for your iPhone).

Is the price fixed?

The SafeBoda app calculates a fair, standard, and transparent price on every ride. When you input your destination into the app, it will give you a price estimate based on distance. After the trip, the app will calculate a final price based on distance and time.

So are SafeBoda riders more expensive?

Generally not, the SafeBoda app calculates a fair, standard, and transparent price on every ride. 

How do I rate the drivers?

After the trip is completed, you can rate our drivers’ service and safety out of 5 stars. This helps our community get feedback from our customers.

Why are our drivers safer and more trusted?

Drivers sign up to the SafeBoda Code of Conduct to hold themselves accountable to a higher standard of safety and service. This has four main areas – our commitment to safety, our customers, our community and bike maintenance. Drivers are also traceable via the app or in the street in their bright orange jacket with their name and the hotline number on the back which you can call in case of any issues.

How can I get a SafeBoda?

Download it for free via Google Play Store. Type ‘SafeBoda’ and you will find it on the Play store.

What is the coverage?

Currently you can request for a Safeboda through our app in the following areas; Kisaasi, Ntinda, Bukoto, Kyambogo, Kamwokya, Naguru, Kololo, Nakawa, Mbuya Bugolobi, Makere, Kisugu, Kabalagala, Muyenga, Nsambya, Kansanga and Central business district.

We are however constantly expanding and hope to cover all of Kampala very soon

What is SafeBoda ride credit and how does it work?

SafeBoda ride credit is money that is placed on your Safeboda account in the app. When you take a trip, you can choose to pay using credit meaning it is automatically deducted from your account and there’s no need for cash.

How does the call centre work?

You can call 0800 300 200 for free and are connected with our customer service team. They will answer any queries and also take your feedback. Our call centre operates from 7am to 10pm every day.

How does the app work?

Open the SafeBoda App, type in your destination and request a Boda. With one click you will be connected to a SafeBoda who will pick you up at your location. You can rate the driver and soon you will able to pay via mobile money and credit card.

Can you pay with Mobile Money or Credit Card?

We are currently in the process of creating a provision to pay using mobile money or credit card. We are also creating a provision for you to pre-pay and have Safeboda Ride credit on your account to make payment cashless. The credit will be deducted after you take a trip.

Kyebando – Off Bahai Road
Mon – Sun: 7am to 11pm