Our Drivers

Our drivers are the backbone of SafeBoda and they make us who we are. Becoming part of SafeBoda is something to be proud of and all our drivers are committed to the SafeBoda mission to bring safety, trust and convenience to the boda industry.

"When you cross paths with another Safeboda driver on the street, it is like family. SafeBoda creates a feeling of brotherhood."

Moses - SB01

"I have been a boda driver for over 15 years in Kampala. Now I'm passing on my experience to our community."

Moko - SB06

"I was not sure about SafeBoda, how can they change the job? But when I started I got some friends, more customers. I became the rider that people trust. SafeBoda was the right way to go."

Alex - SB09

"SafeBoda changed my life, from the way I ride to the number of customers I get."

Abdul Latif - SB016

"I got interested when I saw all the smart riders on the road. Now I'm one of them."

Andrew - SB017

"I feel so special from other boda riders because i'm smart. Customers trust me more because i'm part of a trusted community."

Geofrey - SB027

"When you join SafeBoda you become responsible and look smart. You get more customers since people recognize you or find you on the app."

Harunah - SB079

"A friend advised me to join SafeBoda and I'm so happy to be part of the community. Passengers trust me, they trust the brand… Business is good."

Matia - SB086

"Everything about being a SafeBoda rider is good."

Denis - SB0112

"SafeBoda makes it easier to get customers."

Miiro - SB0138

"I love SafeBoda as they taught be about road safety and I've got more business since I joined the community."

Saverino - SB0185

"SafeBoda is good."

Pastori - SB0191

"Many people like SafeBoda. They know the brand and they recognize the uniform."

Richard - SB0196

"Being a SafeBoda driver is great. A French friend talked me into it."

Laban - SB0289

"SafeBoda changed my life."

Nicholas - SB0310

"I joined SafeBoda because cutomers like it and I get more business."

Karim - SB0348

Our drivers receive the support and training to become the very best in the industry

Road safety

Our drivers are given road safety training which includes the Traffic and Road Safety Act of Uganda and defensive driving.

First aid

We have partnered with the Ministry of Health to give all our drivers First Responder training so that they be of help to the community around them.

Customer care

We aim to professionalize the industry therefore drivers are trained in customer service so that our customers always have an amazing experience.

Bike maintenance

Drivers are given basic training on how to maintain their bikes in good condition to ensure safety on the road.

Driver sign up

We believe in the power of recommendations.

To refer a driver to our community please put the following information in the form.

e.g 0772123456

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