According to the World Health Organization, by 2030 road accidents will likely outstrip HIV/AIDS as the biggest killer in low income countries. SafeBoda exists to help solve this problem, which most people in African cities face every day.

Our Focus


Safety Equipment. Less than 1% of passengers and 30% of drivers wear helmets in Kampala, Uganda. Wearing a helmet that is strapped reduces the risk of death and injury by 40% for passengers and 70% for drivers, according to the World Health Organisation. SafeBoda provides helmets for both the passenger and the driver. We also provide a personalised reflective jacket for each driver to improve visibility and safety.

The Promise to the Community. All SafeBoda drivers commit to the Driver Code of Conduct, which focuses on customer service, traffic rules, road safety and bike maintenance. Our training and community events reinforce this commitment.


First Responders. SafeBoda is committed to growing the community of boda drivers on the frontline who can respond to accidents. All SafeBoda drivers go through Uganda Red Cross certification, including training in road safety awareness and basic first aid.

Quality Assurance. SafeBoda’s mobile company mechanic provides continual maintenance for our drivers’ bikes. This ensures our drivers are more reliable and less likely to break down.


Technology. The app allows you to know which driver is coming to pick you up. Customers can also reward drivers for safe driving and great customer service via the rating function in the app.

Community. SafeBoda drivers are proud of their community. They hold each other accountable to keep standards high.