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SafeBoda is a community of entrepreneurs and boda drivers working together to improve professional standards across the urban transportation industry in Africa. Our aim is to improve the industry for both drivers and passengers by increasing the number of safe trips taken per day and by making travel around cities convenient and stress-free
Being from a family of race car drivers, safety was always a concern. In Uganda, getting on a boda without a helmet was not an option. Belgian, Finance and Economics graduate, with lengthy experience with One Acre Fund in Rwanda and with Deloitte in Mergers and Acquisitions in Brussels.

Maxime Dieudonne Co-Founder

Natural-born entrepreneur hailing from Northern Uganda. He started as a security guard, then a boda driver and then founded a city tour guide company. Passionate about the boda community in Kampala. He now leads our community of drivers.

Rapa Thomson Ricky Co-Founder

Passionate about building a company that provides a real solution to a market failure. Oxford economics grad, with over six years experience in the region as economic advisor to the Rwandan government, consultant for Dalberg Global Development Advisors and One Acre Fund in Ethiopia.

Alastair Sussock Co-Founder