Enhancing Software Quality Validation at SafeBoda: Challenges and Solutions

Akram Mukasa, Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer

April 6, 2024

At SafeBoda, a leading technology platform offering ride-hailing and financial services in Uganda and Kenya, we place a strong emphasis on delivering high-quality software products to our diverse user base.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the challenges we face at SafeBoda in validating the quality of our software products and explore how we can leverage different testing strategies and the different automation testing tools to overcome these challenges.



Sample of supertest automation tool


By addressing challenges related to user needs, scalability, cross-platform compatibility, regulatory compliance, and continuous integration, At SafeBoda we work every other day to enhance software quality validation processes.

Leveraging automation testing with several tools like SuperTest, Appium, selenium, Cypress, improves backend functionality validation, quality of all the applications hence ensuring a seamless user experience across platforms.

Through a combination of user-centric testing, performance testing, cross-platform testing, compliance management, and DevOps practices, here at SafeBoda, we are aimed to continue to deliver high-quality software products and maintain our position as a trusted technology platform in Africa’s ride-hailing and financial services market.

Akram Mukasa, Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer

April 6, 2024