The Safety and Quality Promise of SafeBoda Uganda: Overcoming Challenges for a Better Journey

Ashraf Walumu

June 6, 2024

SafeBoda’s vision is to provide safe, reliable, and high-quality transportation in Uganda. Known for our exceptional standards, SafeBoda drivers were always equipped with two helmets, practiced safe driving, adhered to traffic rules, maintained clean bikes, and delivered top-notch customer service.

Adapting to New Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic posed unprecedented challenges, leading us to temporarily relax some of our standards to prioritize public health and safety. This impacted the quality of our service, but at SafeBoda, we view challenges as opportunities for innovation. Our primary goal became restoring our brand's excellence and reinstating our high standards.

Initiatives for Excellence

To achieve this, we launched several initiatives:

  1. Premium Tier Drivers: We introduced a Premium tier of drivers offering insured trips and extensive retraining programs.
  2. Field Team: We established a team of top-performing drivers to actively enforce our standards and initiatives on the roads.

Addressing Helmet Concerns

A significant challenge has been ensuring drivers carry helmets for customers. Some drivers cited customer reluctance to wear helmets due to cleanliness concerns. To address this, we:

Eliminating Ride Negotiations

To streamline the ride experience and uphold fairness, we launched the "Car with the NoTuteeseOnline" initiative, eliminating offline negotiations. This zero-tolerance policy has significantly enhanced our car service quality over the past year.

Enhancing Driver Performance

In the Quality and Performance department, we closely monitor driver activity using metrics such as accepted, canceled, and completed trips. These metrics help us improve driver earnings and the overall customer experience. Incentives are attached to these metrics to motivate drivers to perform their best. Our customer rating system is crucial in improving our service delivery. We consistently encourage customers to rate their rides at the end of their journey, enabling us to promptly address any issues and continuously improve.

Our Commitment to Safety and Quality

At SafeBoda Uganda, our commitment goes beyond getting from point A to point B. We're dedicated to ensuring a safe and reliable journey every step of the way. From our stringent driver onboarding process to our seamless customer experience and 24-hour customer support team, we're here to make every ride exceptional.

Join Us in Elevating Transportation Standards

Join us in our mission to elevate transportation standards in Uganda. Your feedback matters, and you can share it on our rating system for every SafeBoda or SafeCar trip you take, on social media through our official handles, or via WhatsApp at 0200502050. Together, we can continue to deliver on our promise of safety and quality at SafeBoda.

Let's create safer and better journeys in Uganda with SafeBoda.

Ashraf Walumu

June 6, 2024