Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager 

Role-based in Uganda

Start date:  Immediate

Who we are: 

At SafeBoda we believe that everyone in African cities should have access to affordable services at a click of a button. Our platform is carefully designed to meet the needs of African consumers as a one-stop shop for transportation, payments, and on-demand services. While motorcycle taxis serve as the lifeblood of many cities in Africa, they are extremely unsafe and disorganised. Our safe, convenient, transportation platform provides for Africa’s booming young population as well as creates community and stability for our rider fleet. Our payments and on-demand services empower our users to transfer money, pay bills and deliver packages instantly from the comfort of their homes.


Operational in Uganda and Kenya we are a venture-funded Series B company that is already having a huge impact on millions of people in Africa. Our backers include Google, Unbound, GoVentures (GoJek’s VC), AllianzX, Yamaha, and Beenext, among others. We have a passionate and highly engaged team of superstars based in East Africa. Together, we aim to revolutionise transport and payments delivery in Africa’s cities.

Job Summary:

The  Marketing Manager at SafeBoda, plays a pivotal role in driving the company's marketing initiatives, ensuring effective coordination of various projects and teams. This role demands a  reactive, innovative and strategic thinker with strong leadership skills, a passion for marketing, and a proven track record of delivering successful 360 marketing campaigns. Reporting directly to the VP of Marketing, you will be responsible for the following key deliverables

Key Responsibilities:

Events Sponsorships and Marketing Activities: Develop strategic plans for events sponsorships and marketing activities that align with SafeBoda's brand objectives and coordinate with cross-functional teams to ensure seamless implementation and maximum impact.

Brand Partnerships: Cultivate and manage brand partnerships to enhance marketing efforts and expand SafeBoda's reach. and collaborate with internal stakeholders to identify and capitalize on mutually beneficial opportunities.

Field Sales Team Management: Recruit, train, lead and inspire the field sales team to achieve targets and drive brand awareness in the local market. Provide guidance and support for continuous improvement in sales strategies.

Market Research: Conduct market research to understand customer needs, competitor activities, and market trends. Use insights to inform marketing strategies.

Offline Marketing Strategies: Develop and implement effective offline marketing strategies to complement our online presence. and analyze market trends and consumer behavior to refine strategies for optimal results.

Key Liason with business:  Be a liaison between marketing and other departments, ensuring smooth communication and collaboration on cross-departmental projects.

Leadership: Establish goals and measurable outcomes for the marketing team, ensuring that they are executed in a timely manner. Regularly follow up to monitor progress and tackle any challenges that may emerge.

Departmental Reporting: Report regularly to the business and management on marketing strategies, performance, and achievements.

Procurement and Supplier Relationship Management: Manage relationships with suppliers, ensuring timely sourcing of marketing materials and services.

Regulatory Compliance: Work closely with local authorities, such as  KCCA and local councils, to ensure compliance with regulations and coordinate efforts to address and navigate regulatory requirements affecting marketing activities.

Advertising and Branding: Oversee the out-of-home (OOH) advertising strategy, including billboard placements and branding across different partners and ensure consistent and impactful visual messaging that aligns with SafeBoda's brand identity.

Budget Management: Develop, monitor, and manage the marketing budget, allocating resources effectively for maximum ROI with a keen eye on CAC

Qualifications & Key  Competencies 


  • Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or a related field.
  • At least 2 years experience in effectively leading a marketing team
  • Proven experience in marketing roles, preferably in the ride-hailing, transportation industry or retail/FMCG.
  • Certifications in digital marketing, social media marketing, or related areas is a plus
  • Familiarity with tools such as Google Analytics, social media analytics, and CRM systems.
  • Advertising/Marketing agency experience is a plus

Technical Skills

  • Innovative Thinking: Innovative and creative thinking to develop unique marketing strategies that set the company apart from competitors.
  • Campaign Management: Experience in planning and executing marketing campaigns and the ability to measure and analyze the effectiveness of campaigns.
  • Local Market Understanding: Knowledge of the local market trends, cultural nuances, and customer behaviors in Uganda and adaptability to tailor marketing strategies to the local context.
  • Brand Management: Strong brand-building skills to create and maintain a positive brand image and ability to develop and enforce brand guidelines.
  • Digital Marketing Expertise: Proficiency in digital marketing strategies and channels and Knowledge of social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and online advertising.
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention: Ability to develop and execute strategies for acquiring new customers and experience in implementing customer retention programs and reducing churn
  • Data Analysis: Analytical skills to interpret marketing data and make data-driven decisions and familiarity with tools for data analytics and reporting.


Personal Skills/Key Competencies

  • Excellent Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills and ability to create compelling marketing messages and materials.
  • Leadership Skills: Leadership experience or qualities to lead a marketing team effectively.
  • Adaptability: Ability to adapt to a dynamic and fast-paced industry and willingness to stay updated on industry trends and changes.
  • Networking: Strong networking skills to build relationships with local partners, influencers, and stakeholders.
  • Multilingual Skills: Proficiency in English is essential, and knowledge of local languages can be an asset for effective communication.
  • Budget Management: Experience in managing marketing budgets and resources efficiently.
  • Collaboration: Must have a collaborative mindset to work with cross-functional teams, including operations, technology, and customer support.


  1. Competitive salary
  2. Health insurance
  3. Paid annual leave
  4. A supportive team environment with mentorship from SafeBoda leadership 
  5. Be a critical part of a team at the pinnacle of tech entrepreneurship in Africa

Company Values

  1. Community – we started as a small community of Boda drivers and we will never forget this. We care about our community of staff, drivers, entrepreneurs, and customers.
  2. Innovation – we challenge the status quo and believe positive change is possible. We bring solutions that constantly require us to think out of the box. 
  3. Transparency – We are open-minded in what we do. We have candour and share our experiences openly without fear of judgment. We love feedback on our product and our performance so that we can improve every day. 
  4. Safety – if we don’t care about safety ourselves, then how can we change our industry for the better? 
  5. Trust – we expect customers to trust our drivers and entrepreneurs, so we need to trust one another in everything we do. 
  6. Integrity - We hold ourselves to the highest standard and we are accountable for our actions. We deliver what we say we will deliver. 
  7. Collective Commitment - teams and entrepreneurs are allowed to disagree while a decision is being made; however, everybody must commit to it once a decision has been made. “I agree and I commit, I disagree and I commit”.

Ready for the Challenge? 

Send an email to, and CC, attaching your CV and a Cover Letter indicating why you are the right fit for the role. Please use Marketing Manager as the email subject.