Questions & Answers

Check our list of Q&A below. If you did not find an answer to your question here, please get in touch with our support team.


When I send money, does it go to my mobile money number?

When you send money, this amount goes to your SafeBoda Wallet and not your mobile money account. However, when you select the withdraw button, you can send to your mobile money wallet.

How do I send money to my friend?

Tap the send money option >> Enter the beneficiary's number >> Enter how much you want to send >> Confirm with your SafeBoda Wallet PIN

Is it posible to send money to a SafeBoda driver?

As a customer, you are not in position to send money to a driver but can send to fellow customers.

Is it possible to deposit from any number that I want?

Via mobile money, you can only deposit from the same number registered in the app.

What will I get as evidence for transactions processed under the SafeBoda App?

The App will provide you with a notification both In-App and on your phone showing the status of your transaction

How can I deposit money on my app?

You can deposit by tapping on the deposit feature in the app, then choose your preferred method. The available options are: Mobile Money, SafeBoda agent, SafeBoda driver/car driver.

What is the maximum amount I can deposit on my app?

You can deposit up to UGX 3,000,000

Does this service work 24/7?

The service is available between 9:00am to 5:00pm from Mon-Friday

What are the limits on how much to withdraw on the app?

You can withdraw up to UGX 3,000,000 per withdrawal and UGX 10,000,000 per day

What happens if I withdraw from a different person, will my money be refunded?

Yes, you will get a refund. We advise that you always report such issues to the Support team immediately.

How can I get my cashless off the app?

You can share your cashless with another customer by tapping send money. Also, you can withdraw it to your Airtel money or MTN number, from our SafeBoda wallet agents, or to your bank account.

Where do I find the agents?

Open your app and tap the find agent feature to see which agents are in your area, then move to them to initiate the withdraw.

Can I share cashless with a SafeBoda rider if I do not have enough cash to pay them?

You may not be able to share cashless to the SafeBoda rider. Always contact SafeBoda support for help in this regard.

Is it possible to change my Wallet PIN?

Yes, you can. Go to my account, select change wallet pin, input your old pin, and your new pin, then confirm. Do not share your pin with anyone, for the security of your account.

Can I do a return journey when delivering packages?

The delivery option charges for a single journey, thus in cases of a return trip, you will order another delivery trip.

How do I see the rider who is delivering my package?

After placing the order, you will be matched to a SafeBoda rider, you will be able to see his helmet number, contact number, name, and photo.

What happens when I pay for the wrong NWSC meter number?

You get in touch with Water 0800200977, 0800300977

What happens when I pay for the wrong UMEME meter number?

You get in touch with UMEME 0800 285 285/ 0800 385 385 (Toll-free), 0772 285 285 (Whatsapp)

How do I know that my bill paid is succesful?

You will receive a notification immediately after the transaction, furthermore a confirmation message will be sent from the specific service provider to the payer number.

What do I do if my UMEME bill payment is unsuccessful

If the money has been deducted from your wallet, visit, enter the meter number. You will receive the most recent token

What do I do if my NWSC, TV , KCCA , URA bill payment is unsuccessful

If the money has been deducted from your SafeBoda wallet, contact SafeBoda Support via WhatsApp on 0200502050 with a Proof of Payment

What do I do if I do not have enough cashless for the ride?

Top up before taking the trip or otherwise pay the excess amount using cash.

Do you have charges for any bill payment I make?

Yes, we do have charges for the different bills paid. See our payment page, prices table for a breakdown

What should I do if the driver asks for the amount different from that in the app?

Pay the amount displayed on your App. Otherwise, report the driver to SafeBoda support to have any extra amount spent refunded.

What do I do if the rider refuses to cancel the ride when he is not going to take me?

You can cancel the ride by sliding up your screen and tapping cancel. Remember to select a cancellation reason to enable us follow up.

What should I do when my cashless trip does not charge/charges zero?

Contact Customer support so that the money is debited from your account and credited to the rider's account.

How can I retrieve my wallet pin if I had forgotten it?

Contact SafeBoda support via WhatsApp (0200502050) and share the following details Your cashless balance, the details of your previous trips, your National Id photo both front and back and ask for a pin reset

What do I do when the driver delays to end trip?

Contact SafeBoda support for your trip to be ended and necessary adjustments will be made where applicable.

Is it possible to change my Wallet PIN?

Yes you can, go to my account, select change wallet pin, input your old pin, and your new pin then confirm. Note, please do not share your pin with anyone.

Why am I unable to top up with another number?

You are only able to top with the same number registered on your SafeBoda App to protect your account from fraud

I have topped up my wallet but the money is not reflecting

Contact SafeBoda support on WhatsApp (0200502050), and share a screenshot of the transaction ID, and the Phonenumber used on the SafeBoda App