18. Trip Management
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Tracking and Monitoring Entire Company Trip History

To effectively track and monitor the trip history of all staff members within your company in SafeBoda for Business, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the Dashboard:

Log in to your SafeBoda for Business account and navigate to the dashboard.

  1. Trips Tab:

By default, the Trips tab will be selected on the dashboard.

This tab displays the comprehensive list of all trips made by your staff members within your company.

  1. Apply Filters:

To narrow down the trip history, you can apply filters based on specific criteria.

Use the date filter to view trips within a specific time frame.

Filter by staff member name to see individual trip records.

Additionally, you can filter by trip status to focus on completed, ongoing, or canceled trips.

  1. Download or Print:

To keep a record or share the trip history, you have the option to download or print the list of trips.

This allows you to maintain offline copies or share the information with relevant stakeholders.

  1. Detailed Trip Information:

Each trip listed in the history provides a link to a full trip details page.

By clicking on a specific trip, you can access a comprehensive overview, including pickup and dropoff locations, price estimate, trip duration, and other relevant details.

By following these steps, you can easily track and monitor the entire trip history of staff members within your company using SafeBoda for Business.

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