17. Staff experience on the SafeBoda app
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Once you invite a staff member to join SafeBoda for Business, they will receive a welcoming popup notification on their app. This notification will inform them about the availability of the business wallet feature. They will be notified that they can now use the business wallet to conveniently pay for their trips.

Once the invitation is sent, the staff member can immediately access the "Pay with Business Wallet" option within their SafeBoda app.

For further convenience, the staff member has the option to navigate to the wallet settings in the app. Within the wallet settings, they can set the business wallet as their default payment option. By doing so, the business wallet will automatically be selected for all their future trip payments, streamlining their experience.

By following these steps, staff members can seamlessly join SafeBoda for Business, access the business wallet, and easily manage their payment preferences.

16. Transferring Money to Staff Members
18. Trip Management