11. Staff details
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Within the SafeBoda for Business system, the "People" tab provides comprehensive staff management features. Each staff member you invite will have a dedicated profile containing the following information:

  1. Personal Information: The staff member's name, phone number, and the date of their invitation will be displayed.
  2. Trips Tab: The "Trips" tab within the staff member's profile allows you to view all the trips taken by that particular staff member. You can access trip details such as trip dates, destinations, and other relevant information.
  3. Transactions Tab: In the staff member's profile, you can access the "Transactions" tab, which provides a detailed view of all the transactions associated with that staff member. This includes deposits to their wallet, transfers, and other financial activities.
  4. Transfer Money: To transfer money to a staff member's wallet, simply click on the "Transfer Money" button within their profile. This feature enables you to conveniently allocate funds to their wallet balance.
  5. Print or Download: You have the option to print or download the staff member's trips or transaction records. This allows you to keep a physical or digital copy for your records or further analysis.

By utilizing these staff details features within the SafeBoda for Business system, you can efficiently manage and monitor the financial activities, trips, and profiles of each staff member. This level of visibility and control empowers you to effectively track expenses and ensure smooth operations.

10. Inviting Staff Members
12. Deactivating or Suspending Staff Members