06. Depositing Money via Bank Accounts (COMING SOON)
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The SafeBoda for Business platform offers various methods to deposit money into your wallet. One convenient option is through the mobile money method. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

  1. From your dashboard, click on the "Deposit Money" option.

2. A deposit money popup will appear.

3. Select the "Bank Transfer" option.

4. Choose one of the available banks.

5. Fill in your bank account information, the bank account name & the account number. then click next.

6. Enter the amount you deposited and click "Next."

7. Review the summary screen to ensure all the information is accurate, and when you're confident, click "Next."

8. Please note that you need to continue the deposit process outside of the SafeBoda for business website.

9. Once the deposit is finalized, you can upload proof of payment, such as a screenshot of the receipt, bank proof of payment (POP), or a PDF of the receipt.

10. Our team will verify the deposit made to our account and complete the process promptly.

05. Depositing Money via Mobile Money (COMING SOON)
07. Transferring Money to Staff Members (COMING SOON)